Taryn Rasgon is the owner of Vegetaryn, a brand that encourages people to live a vegan lifestyle. Taryn has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. After learning about veganism she started Vegetaryn, her inspiring blog and website where she sells funny & punny vegan merchandise. Taryn feels that walking around with a vegan t-shirt on is a great way to create aWEARness about veganism. Help her spread this message and order your "Not Milk" tee today - 10% of proceeds are donated to PETA until September 1, 2016

Product Spotlight:

Vegan Interior DesignVegan Interior Design
Experts in affordable, luxury vegan interior decor. 25% discount for an online design service anywhere in the USA.
Hobi Ultrasonic Animal AlertHelp Reduce Wildlife / Vehicle Collisions
Road tested and proven effective, the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert is the ultimate in highway safety and animal protection. It transmits a high frequency whistle that alerts animals of your vehicle’s approach. Easy to install, easy to maintain. Join us in our mission and help put an end to road kill. If it doesn’t say hobi® it’s not. 10% of all internet sales will be donated to PETA. Order yours today.
Cykochik Custom HandbagsCykochik Custom Handbags
Cykochik celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary! Cykochik is a socially responsible brand known worldwide for our fun and custom made vegan handbags and accessories.

Proudly handmade in Dallas, TX since 2003 by Founder/Owner Nikki Duong Koenig believes in responsible manufacturing and not endangering people, animals, and our planet in the process. Our bags are made of eco- and animal-friendly vegan leather that are 100% sweatshop-free.
The one "animal" whose welfare vegans often neglect is themselves. With vegans' resolve to end animal suffering comes the potential to eat the healthiest diet in the world, but often—for lack of time or knowledge or the limited availability of vegan food—this potential is hard to realize. Eating well is a challenge, so Macro-Mediterranean has been built as a vegan, carbon-free, and zero-waste company shipping a rotating menu of more than 100 fresh meals, unique super-food smoothies, and yummy desserts nationwide to the contiguous 48 states. Meals are inspired by the rich flavors of the healthiest traditional diets of the planet, while being designed for the strict health principles taken from the founders' study of macrobiotics and plant-based diets. In 2009, the company was also asked to participate in a doctor-overseen, independent trial of its meals that demonstrated many improvements in personal health and well-being. Detailed results of this trial and more information about the meals are available on the company's website.
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Visa Platinum Rewards CardThe PETA Visa® Platinum Rewards Card
Support PETA with every purchase! The PETA Visa card has no annual fee, low introductory APR on purchases and no balance transfer fees for 6 months. Earn merchandise, cash-back and more at participating merchants. Enhanced Visa Platinum benefits, including 24/7 Emergency Customer Service, 100% Fraud Protection, and much more. Best of all, $50 is donated to PETA when you use the card for the first time!
Simi EssentialsSimi Essentials
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Simi Essentials is the trendiest skin product from Miami. Simi Essentials products are a natural base and PETA-friendly. The main ingredient is Aloe vera, which creates it's wonderful texture and glow. The company's goal is to bring the spa into your house. Why visit the spa when you can use this fabulous line of paraben-free flavored lotions in the comfort of your own home? Be smart. Be fabulous. Be Simi Essentials.
Nomadic State of MindNomadic State of Mind
A few years ago, a group of planet wanderers temporarily put up their rafts, snowboards, surfboards, and cameras and decided to make some permanence—not necessarily a home of permanence, but a permanent presence. With a social-work degree backing the idea, a company of sorts began to formulate—a company at the grassroots level. A company of the common folk, not backed by corporate thugs—just your ordinary folks. The money to begin this journey of business was raised by Chris, who spent many summers camped out along the Colorado River working as a raft guide and stashing every paycheck. The winters were spent snowboarding, strolling through Central America, or writing the greatest story never told. The company began in a 69 VW. That van was home, office, and factory. Things got crowded, so the company moved to different locales and bought a bigger van. Today's world is the "nomadic state of mind," whether it be walking, driving, surfing the Web, or interplanetary wandering. "Nomadic" stems from the latin word for "wanderer." "Keeping it real" is the company's pledge to you. The company feels that in today's wealth-addicted society, it is possible to provide consumers with a company that attempts to function as a business in which all people involved perform an active role and win. The "office" and shipping is based presently out of North Carolina, although the company's employees still spend a lot of their time on the road. But someone is always around to take your order or question. Find the Nomadic family at live events, on the phone, or packing sandals: Chris, Lewis, Big Dave, Jeff, Courtney, Jacob, and Shea.
Humane TravelHumane Travel
Humane Travel is dedicated to animal-friendly travel and never promotes travel that involves bullfights, circuses, or other destinations that exploit and abuse animals. Humane Travel provides comprehensive travel options and great customer rates, and the company accounts for any dietary choice. With virtually every booking, a donation is made to help support PETA's vital work for animals. Enjoy amazing travel options at great rates while helping a great cause.
TisBest Philanthropy TisBest Philanthropy
TisBest Philanthropy created this fantastic donation gift for friends, family members, customers, clients, newlyweds, sweethearts, and anyone else truly important. The gift recipient spends their TisBest Charity Gift Card by donating to a charity they believe in--the company carefully selected 250 nonprofit organizations, all of which are 501(c)3 qualified and demonstrate efficiency, success, and innovation in their programs. You put any image you want on the gift card and send by e-mail, print on your printer, or choose custom plastic cards (100 percent recycled and shipped within one day). A TisBest Charity Gift Card is the perfect gift choice!

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