Upaya Naturals

Upaya Naturals - Canada's Largest Raw Vegan Food Source! A one-stop shop for all your health needs since 2004. Bringing you the best in quality from vegan raw foods, superfoods, supplements, dehydrators, juicers, Distributor of Genuine Earthing Grounding Products, Kelp Noodles,Marine Phytoplankton, Sun Warrior, Health Force, Vita-Mix & Blendtec Blenders, Award Winning Sacred Heart Chocolates, Raw Cheeze, Truly Raw Cashews, raw unpasteurized almonds, nuts, seeds, raw chocolate, cacao butter, nut butters, raw vegan ice cream, Coconut Aminos, Coconut Nectar, Coconut Vinegar, Coconut Sugar & Flour, and thousands of other products. All the products are raw vegan including the owners of this family run business. If you are a bricks and motor store, they also wholesale many products to retail stores. Call for more info at 1-855-729-8341. What does 'Upaya' mean? Upaya is known in Buddhism as one of the pillars to enlightenment. 'Upaya' is a Sanskrit word that stands for compassion. It is our mission both personally and professionally to show and increase compassion for our fellow humans, animals, and our environment.

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