Explore Cuisine

Pasta made from plants! Explore Cuisine’s organic, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free pastas are packed with protein and fiber and cook in minutes. Yum!

Plant-Based on a Budget

Start meal planning today with an easy-to-follow one-week meal plan that shows you how to eat healthy plant-based dishes on a tight budget.

Stephanie Braganza

If aliens were to land on Earth—aliens who considered themselves superior to humans—what would your argument be against being bred and eaten?

Kallula Apparel

Kallula Apparel represents different bodies, speaks for those who are unheard, and stands up for life.

Kat Mendenhall

Giving leather the boot! Custom Designed, 100% handcrafted vegan boots and accessories made in Texas.


VElove, which was inspired by animals, creates fashionable cruelty-free accessories that spread the message of love.

i love tyler madison

Comfortable. Fashionable. Generational. Vegan. What’s not to love?!

May Wah

May Wah is one of the largest distributors of vegan foods in New York. Its all-natural products, which are free of preservatives and MSG, include delicious vegan spare ribs and “drumsticks.”

Compassionate Paws Jewelry

Compassionate Paws Jewelry is an ethical vegan company that creates handcrafted, cruelty-free artisan jewelry. A total of 5% of profits are donated annually to animal rights organizations.

M Design

More than just vegan fashion—M Design’s products raise awareness of animal rights issues and inspire others to be compassionate. Use the code Mfashion4PETA and 10% of proceeds will be donated to PETA.