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Experts in affordable, luxury vegan interior decor. 25% discount for an online design service anywhere in the USA.

Product Spotlight:

Dolby Properties Inc.Dolby Properties Inc.
Dolby Properties of Orlando, Florida, is owned by longtime vegetarian and animal rights advocate Lesley Dolby. The company specializes in the sale of vacation homes, second homes, and investment properties in Orlando and the Disney area.
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Perk Up Your DayPerk Up Your Day
PETA’s delicious, bird-friendly roasted Arabica coffee beans are grown without pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.
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Solay Salt Crystal LampsSolay Salt Crystal Lamps
Our beautiful fair-trade salt lamps are more than just pretty to look at—they're good for you as well.
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Inclusion on this site does not indicate an endorsement of any company by PETA. We encourage you to take a close look at the companies you support and let companies know your feelings about any business practices you find unethical. As a consumer, you have considerable power to influence companies (for tips, see PETA's Guide to Letter-Writing).

Critter Guard
Critter Guard is a patented, easy-to-use small-animal rescue device for swimming pools, fish ponds, and water gardens. It’s a ladder for the little guys!

Daisy Dog Studio
Daisy Dog Studio designs porcelain tableware for all occasions. Their namesake and inspiration is Daisy, who came to them as a stray and ended up becoming part of the family. Each piece has her likeness stamped on the bottom, giving it her (and Daisy Dog Studio's) final approval.

DOLSEN sofa throws are designed in Norway and produced in France. The idea behind this unusual partnership was to create not only warm but also exceptionally decorative blankets. We've noticed that so far all plaids made of fur imitation are not equally tasteful. So DOLSEN decided to create blankets that you can be proud of, without contributing to the suffering of animals.

Druids Grove
Long ago, a class of mystics known as Druids dwelled in Celtic Europe. Much about these legendary figures is shrouded in myth and mystery. But we know that they believed in the sanctity of nature and respect for all living things. These Druids would gather in sacred groves, called Nemeta, to commune with nature and practice spirituality. Druids Grove is inspired by this same reverence and desire for harmony with nature. Our ethical, plant-based food alternatives are an intimate link to our living planet. Find your connection at the Grove.

Elizabeth's Kind Café
Elizabeth's Kind Café (EKC) is a store and a blog. Elizabeth's own line of vegan shoes and cleaning supplies are inspired by the desire to make this world a kinder, cleaner, more fashionable place. While you can find classic, eco-friendly shoes and cleaning supplies at the EKC store, you will also be able to find some amazing, healthy, and easy plant-based recipes, product reviews, and news on EKC's blog. A portion of all proceeds from the store go to PETA and Farm Animal Sanctuaries, as well as 1 percent going to 1% for the Planet.

FrogLog - “The Little Critter Pool Sitter”
The FrogLog is a swimming pool escape ramp for frogs, toads, lizards, mice, chipmunks, ducklings, turtles, insects, and more. The FrogLog saves native wildlife and keeps pool water clean! Customers highlight the effectiveness, durability, and simplicity of the FrogLog. The FrogLog can also be used in livestock watering troughs and backyard ponds.

Hampton Domestics Employment Agency
If you own a Hamptons home, you can't do it alone—you need help. Hamptons Domestics provides the best butlers, chefs, chauffeurs, and maids to ensure that you don't have to lift a finger.

The one "animal" whose welfare vegans often neglect is themselves. With vegans' resolve to end animal suffering comes the potential to eat the healthiest diet in the world, but often—for lack of time or knowledge or the limited availability of vegan food—this potential is hard to realize. Eating well is a challenge, so Macro-Mediterranean has been built as a vegan, carbon-free, and zero-waste company shipping a rotating menu of more than 100 fresh meals, unique super-food smoothies, and yummy desserts nationwide to the contiguous 48 states. Meals are inspired by the rich flavors of the healthiest traditional diets of the planet, while being designed for the strict health principles taken from the founders' study of macrobiotics and plant-based diets. In 2009, the company was also asked to participate in a doctor-overseen, independent trial of its meals that demonstrated many improvements in personal health and well-being. Detailed results of this trial and more information about the meals are available on the company's website.

My Critter Catcher
My Critter Catcher is the easy, eco-friendly way to catch and release spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, bees, and other household "pests." Simply squeeze the handle to open the soft nylon bristles, place them over the insect, release to close, and then carry the critter outside and set him or her free. Don't squash—catch and release safely!

Organic Bouquet
Organic Bouquet is the Internet’s first socially and environmentally responsible florist, offering fresh organic flowers for personal and business gift-giving needs. Our flowers are shipped direct from the grower and are available for overnight delivery anywhere in the USA. Also, choose from gourmet organic gift baskets, gift-packed organic fruits, and handcrafted artisan vases. Visit our site or order by phone at 877-899-2468.

Pet Playgrounds
Pet Playgrounds offers DIY non-electric dog fence kits and professional installation services. We believe that every dog deserves to run free. No dog deserves to live their life on chain. Invisible electric wireless fences can harm your dog - both physically and mentally. Our humane dog fencing solution is the most effective and affordable way to protect your dog from predators (like coyotes and other stray animals) and keep your best friend on your property running free.

Vegan Interior Design

Deborah Rosenberg is a leader in Vegan interior design. Deborah specializes in humane (cruelty free) furnishings. Her firm, DiMare Design, does not create spaces with fabrics or furnishings that originate from living creatures. Faux fabrics and sustainable materials replace the animal skins, furs and feathers traditionally used in luxury residential and commercial interiors.

DiMare Design's budget-friendly division,, is a great alternative for those seeking fast, easy and inexpensive design services. Everything is done online and virtually while working hand in hand with a creative, skilled design expert. It's a fun way to decorate a space affordably.

The U.K.'s first vegetarian Internet TV channel - passionate vegan Karin Ridgers is ecstatic to launch VeggieVision.TV! VeggieVision.TV channels currently include Cookery, Information, Entertainment, World Vision, and You TV. VeggieVision.TV is working to develop a music channel too.

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