This company elevates animal companions’ comfort with premium washable liners and mats for guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, and others. Discover the difference today.


This brand offers haircare therapy for healthier, more beautiful hair. Unlock your hair’s full potential with wonderful natural, vegan, and animal test–free products. This company believes in providing healthier products for a healthier planet.

The Age of a Spider Monkey

Go behind the scenes at a zoo and learn what happens to the animals who are kept and bred in captivity for human entertainment in this riveting true story that spans nearly a decade.

Humans Are Vain

Humans Are Vain is a Swedish premium circular brand that fuses the latest vegan, sustainable materials with contemporary design. Sustainability defines this company, which offers products made from materials such as apple leather and recycled plastic ocean waste.


Wear your conscience! N’ONAT is using the highest quality faux furs and wool-like fabrics to achieve a luxurious experience without inflicting any harm upon animals.


kluuf specializes in sustainable skincare products for men. With a focus on social responsibility, this brand combines tradition and innovation to provide products that are effective and easy to use.

Heart Core Hotels

These luxury boutique eco-hotels are powered by plants. The world’s first vegan hotel brand has locations in Coachella Valley, California, and Mountain View, Hawaii, with more coming soon. 

VegHealth Institute

VegHealth Institute empowers people to thrive on plant-based foods. Get inspired by this company’s expert-driven articles, recipes, and nutrition tips for a vibrant and easy plant-centered journey. Certification is available.

Metsä Cosmetics

Metsä is the Finnish word for forest—and Metsä Cosmetics brings the nurturing essence of the forest to your skin and your soul. This brand’s products are all natural, vegan, and animal test–free.

Stanford Inn

Reconnect with nature, your creativity, and one another at the Stanford Inn. This hotel and resort in Mendocino, California, has an animal sanctuary, a bountiful organic farm, a wellness center, paddling and cycling, and the Ravens Restaurant, a vegan eatery.