The CoyoteVest helps protect your animal companion from a surprise attack with a formidable array of spikes and a layer of puncture-resistant fabric that can withstand sharp teeth.

Sybaritic Bags

This company offers high-quality vegan handbags and apparel—without harming animals or the Earth. Use code PETA10 for 10% off purchases.

Makai and Makai Cares

Makai products are imbued with love of family and nature. This company leaves out harmful chemicals for more beneficial skin care. It is woman-owned and offers cruelty-free products that won’t break the bank.

My Co Pty Ltd.

MyCo’s goal is to find ways to make life easier, while motivating and inspiring you to be at your best.

The Compassionate Closet

The Compassionate Closet offers 100% vegan apparel and accessories, donating a percentage of sales to organizations that advocate for animals. It’s easy to lead a compassionate lifestyle without sacrifice—that’s why this company is fashioning a movement.


Rejoove is committed to producing an innovative range of natural products designed to ensure that you have a better day. It combines traditional herbal medicine with modern science, providing simple and holistic solutions to everyday challenges.

Aqua Botanical

Aqua Botanical is water harvested from fruits and vegetables. It is free of toxins and sugars and contains essential plant minerals that make for wholesome indulging.

Food Revolution Summit

It’s time to take back our taste buds—and our health! Sign up for the free Food Revolution Summit and take a stand for the health that you and your family deserve. 50% of ticket sales are donated to PETA.

Prose Hair

Prose’s customized hair care addresses your hair type, goals, diet, and styling habits—plus your city’s environment. Products can be made vegan, gluten-free, and silicone-free and contain no parabens, sulfates, or GMOs.​​​​


MyLife Biocheese is a plant-based, diary-free cheese substitute that’s natural, tasty, and nutritious­­­—the way food should be.