Fur Friends

Fur Friends focuses on the kind and respectful treatment of all animals and supporting the cultivation of an animal-human relationships. Fur Friends shares their uniquely designed animal illustrations and phrases that best capture their love of animals with everyone.

The Bubble Collection

The Bubble Collection is a collection of fragrances with light scents that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. The Bubble Collection will rise up and take you on a fragrance journey around the world. Genderless… Ageless… Boundless…. Let there be bubbles! …

Ghostly Glamour Box

From a moonlit glow balm to witches brew soap, we teamed up with Kinder Beauty to bring you all the cruelty-free and vegan Halloween goodies. Get it before it ghosts!


ATLAS MONROE’s vegan chicken was named BEST fried chicken dish out of all the real chicken by Time Magazine’s Extra Crispy. ATLAS MONROE has been featured on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank as well as Yahoo!, Black Enterprise, NBC, Forbes, …

Because, Animals

Because, Animals has a planet impacting mission: To make the most sustainable pet nutrition ever made without ever harming any animals or the environment.

Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages

Vegan Travel Asia tours focus on bridging cultural gaps through cultural immersion and local interaction. Community-based storytelling meets travel and vegan living.

Hylunia Skincare

Hylunia products are specially formulated to minimize fine lines, break outs, and bring tone, smoothness, and clarity to your skin, both inside and out. Their products are especially effective due to the use of safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic ingredients only.  

Woodpecker Coats

Will Poho, a longtime coat designer & manufacturer, is back with a new cruelty-free, high-end parka line called Woodpecker that updates time-honored Canadian parkas with a vegan twist. Woodpecker refuses to use down & fur in its products.

Only Plant Based!

Only Plant Based! has created premium vegan mayonnaise that everyone will find delicious, regardless of dietary preference. Discover the incomparable taste and texture of the company’s mouth-watering plant-based mayonnaise, ranch dressing, and sour cream.


Petaluma is a dog nutrition company on a mission to make the future of companion animal care better for dogs, the planet, farmworkers, and farmed animals.