Nok Apothecary

Artisanal skin-care products, powered by Mother Nature, are available here at affordable prices. Get Nok’d up.

Rise Brewing Co.

Rise Brewing Co. offers nitro cold-brewed coffee in kegs and shelf-stable cans for grocery and convenience stores, offices, bars, restaurants, and cafés—the cans are also available to consumers online.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven creates luscious beauty treats that are good for both your skin and your wallet. Its products are made with minimal processing, using ingredients from plant and mineral sources, and are never tested on animals.


VEERAH is a mission-driven designer-shoe brand for the eco-conscious woman. The company designs ethically crafted and responsibly sourced vegan shoes.


Rungg designs women’s luxury shoes that feature beautiful handmade art on premium vegan leather. Its philosophy promotes ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free fashion—along with a deep love of artisanal skill.

CASA feito brasil

Founded in 2004, CASA feito brasil is a vegan, artisanal, and sustainable company based in southern Brazil. It was conceived out of the need to break the mold and move away from uniformity in the cosmetics world.

MO Nails

MO Nails welcomes you to its eco-friendly world, where beauty is without cruelty. This isn’t just any nail-care brand—it’s a breath of fresh air for both the nail artist and the consumer.

Modern Picnic

Modern Picnic provides women with a chic alternative to the traditional lunchboxes we all know and hate. Ours have an insulated interior and vegan leather exterior. Pack your own food in style.


FoeLeather makes vegan fashion affordable for everyone. It’s easy to feel discouraged by all the suffering in the world, but by simply opting for these shoes, you’re taking the first step toward a kinder future. 10% donated to PETA.

Marché Éthique

Marché Éthique is a one-stop online destination for upscale vegan fashion and accessories. Shop here for products from top vegan and ethical brands from all around the globe. 100% of net proceeds donated to PETA.