PINKSTIX contributes to the eco movement by creating long-lasting, top quality, multipurpose vegan leather handbags and accessories, and supporting its local economy. Receive 15% off your purchase with coupon code PETA15.

Prose Hair

Prose’s customized hair care addresses your hair type, goals, diet, and styling habits—plus your city’s environment. Products can be made vegan, gluten-free, and silicone-free and contain no parabens, sulfates, or GMOs.​​​​

Herban Cowboy

Herban Cowboy has been a pioneer in vegan grooming since 2000 and offers a full range of products for the entire family!

Fake Meats

You aren’t limited to what you can find at your local grocery store! is is filled with meatless jerky, meat substitutes, egg replacers, meat-free sauces, and more.  All your favorite brands plus some you’ve never heard of!


Italian brown rice, germinated with spring water and made into a delicious vegan cheese. The Mozzarisella products contain a balanced nutrient content of over 20 essential amino acids.


Portuguese footwear brand Nae has a vegan philosophy and focuses on environmental sustainability. It works with pineapple leaves, cork, ecological microfibers, and recycled PET plastic bottles.

Veg Voyages – Vegan Adventure Tours

Green, cruelty-free, plant-based vegan adventures—experience amazing off-the-beaten-path destinations in Asia.


The FrogLog is a swimming pool escape ramp for frogs, toads, lizards, mice, chipmunks, ducklings, turtles, insects, and others. The FrogLog saves native wildlife and keeps pool water clean.