YAPA Beauty

All YAPA nail products are free of the major toxins often associated with nail polish. With healthier ingredients, YAPA lets you breathe a sigh of relief.

One & Another

Here’s a new destination for workout clothing: Find handpicked selections of the latest athleisure wear and activewear. With a love of fitness and animals, One & Another donates 10% of proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

Sunflower Family

Sunflower Family has created an innovative sunflower haché—a vegan ground meat made of organic, textured sunflower protein—that’s free of fillers, additives, artificial ingredients, and common food allergens.

Divine Treasures

Divine Treasures is committed to crafting high-quality, gourmet European dark chocolates that are vegan, gluten-free, and made with unique, wholesome sweeteners and other ingredients.


B BAR offers vegan B12 shots and unique nutrient injections at locations across the San Francisco Bay Area to support your conscious lifestyle and optimize your health.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven creates luscious beauty treats that are good for both your skin and your wallet. Its products are made with minimal processing, using ingredients from plant and mineral sources, and are never tested on animals.


VEERAH is a mission-driven designer-shoe brand for the eco-conscious woman. The company designs ethically crafted and responsibly sourced vegan shoes.

Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood makes a line of all-natural products focused on delivering power-packed ingredients to your coffee, tea, smoothies, and food for clean, sustained energy.


CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor helps protect your animal companion from a vicious attack. It features stab-resistant materials and 1-inch chrome spikes and has been shown on Shark Tank.

Herban Cowboy

Herban Cowboy has been a pioneer in vegan grooming since 2000 and offers a full range of products for the entire family!