Trash Fishing Kit

Trash fishing is a humane activity that involves “catching” litter and removing it from the water and surrounding areas. It cleans up animals’ habitat and helps prevent fish, turtles, birds, and others from eating garbage or becoming entangled in debris.

World of Vegan

World of Vegan is on a mission to help you live joyfully and compassionately. Its vegan lifestyle guides and fail-proof recipes help keep that fiery relationship with food alive.


This innovative vegan sorbet comes in flavors as bold as the two women who created it. Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride.


Wanting to find a solution to the beauty industry’s growing waste problem, Axiology founder Ericka Rodriguez launched Balmies, the first plastic-free, multi-use crayon. Balmies are made with nine powerful natural ingredients and deliver high-performance, moisture-rich color.


Maelove is recommended by doctors. Trusted by 250,000+ customers. Backed by 15,000+ reviews. Maelove is cruelty-free, vegan, and provides free shipping with an industry leading 100-day money back guarantee.  


Petaluma is a Certified B Corporation that makes veterinarian-developed food and treats for dogs that use organic, plant-based ingredients rather than factory-farmed animal protein.

Brush On Block

Brush On Block SPF 30 sunscreen gives water-resistant, broad-spectrum protection from UV rays. It’s ideal for both adults and children, with a non-greasy finish and a self-dispensing brush that makes applying and reapplying easy.


Desserto has created an award-winning, highly sustainable vegan leather alternative made from cactus. This soft, high-performance biomaterial complies with the most rigorous quality and environmental standards to help build a better world through fashion.


DR. SPRAY’S® proprietary formulas provide advanced nutrition in the convenience of a spray. Products come in more than ten varieties, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C+Zinc, and Somna (Sleep).


CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor helps protect your animal companion from a vicious attack. It features stab-resistant materials and 1-inch chrome spikes and has been shown on Shark Tank.