LBLC the Label

This vegan brand offers a contemporary collection that’s designed to provide all the essentials you need for an effortlessly chic wardrobe. Being kind to animals doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics brings you the best in cruelty-free colorful makeup. Ninety percent of its products are vegan, plus it’s adding more extra-clean and sustainable options all the time.

Humane Bug Catcher

If you’re a compassionate person who wouldn’t hurt a fly and your motto is “live and let live,” even when it comes to tiny, six-legged, uninvited house guests, then this humane bug catcher is for you!

Maya’s Cookies

Maya’s Cookies is a Black-owned gourmet vegan cookie company that was founded in 2015. From classics to unique flavors such as Chocolate Chip S’mores and Marble Fudge, every flavor has a story grounded in Maya’s experiences. The company ships nationwide.

Rise Brewing Co.

Rise Brewing Co. offers nitro cold-brewed coffee in kegs and shelf-stable cans for grocery and convenience stores, offices, bars, restaurants, and cafés—the cans are also available to consumers online.


CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor helps protect your animal companion from a vicious attack. It features stab-resistant materials and 1-inch chrome spikes and has been shown on Shark Tank.