This company’s driving mission is to help people make health-conscious choices based on principles of health psychology and nutritional counseling. You can identify behavior and improve health organically through this digital solution.


Deux Lux

Deux Lux epitomizes eco luxury with a collection of ethical, on-trend accessories influenced by classic style. Interpretation is everything.

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Shop for conscious skin care to inspire mindful living.

Eat Nice

Eat Nice satisfies nostalgia for traditional pasta products while offering unexpected and delicious ingredients that come from approaching vegan eating as a new kind of cuisine.

7AM Enfant

Protecting animals is an integral part of 7AM’s philosophy. Its mission is to create cruelty-free functional and fashion-forward products.

ahimsa Essentials

Shop for moisturizers, scrubs, essential oils, and soaps. Get free shipping and 20% off with code “PETA.”

Pixie Mood

Canadian fashion brand Pixie Mood designs fun and functional handbags using alternatives to leather and fur. All of its products are created from 100% vegan materials.

Max Green Alchemy

Honest and natural personal-care product solutions for your face, hair, and body.